Club Profile

Official club name: The Friendship Force of Fort Worth
Club tax designation: 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization
Club Mailing Address: P.O.Box 16181
Fort Worth, TX 76162-0181

Officers for 2024:President, Tanya Doyle
Vice President, Jerilyn Edmunds
Vice President, Paula Thomson
Secretary, Sharon Jackson
Treasurer, James Godfrey

Committee Chairs for 2024:Randy Thomson, Database Administration
Berry Bock, Email Communications
Judy Williams, Ethnic Dinners
Connie Cross, Hospitality
Donna Pawlowski, International Garden
Jeri Edmunds, Journey Developer - Day
Linda Doyle, Journey Developer - Dom.
Jim Young, Journey Developer - Int.
Linda Doyle, Membership
Ed Vaughn, Newsletter
Jim Young, Publicity
Betty Mappes, Telephone
Randy Thomson, Webmaster
The Friendship Force of Fort Worth is 38 years old.
Number of Members: 41
Number of Family Units: 34
Our active members live in
Seymour, CT - 1
Rockville, MD - 1
Newport, NC - 1
Arlington, TX - 9
Benbrook, TX - 4
Fort Worth, TX - 18
Gordon, TX - 2
Granbury, TX - 2
Grand Prairie, TX - 1
Hico, TX - 1
Rowlett, TX - 1