Quarterly Meeting Meeting

Unless otherwise noted, Quarterly Membership Meetings begin at 6:30 PM on the first Friday of March, June, September and December. The business meeting and presentations are followed by a time to socialize, with light refreshments. The December meeting is traditionally our Holiday Party and the meeting where official business and election of officers takes place. Members, guests, and interested persons are invited to attend any of our meetings. Location and details will be published in the newsletter, and provided below.

Friday, Sept. 4, 2020
Due to COVID-19 we will not have a face-to-face meeting in September.

Your Board is exploring the possibility of a virtual meeting in September. Check back later for details.

Board Meetings Gavel

Board meetings normally are held at 4:00PM on the third Sunday of each month. Meetings currently are being held by video conference using the FreeConferenceCall application. No Board meeting is scheduled for those months with a quarterly meeting. Contact an officer or Board member for information, if you wish to attend a Board meeting.

Ethnic Dinners Food!

Do you have an ethnic restaurant you like that we haven't visited in awhile (or never)? Contact Judy Williams and let her know, so she can plan a dinner there when we are once again able to gather together. She would really like to have your suggestion.

Friday, ?? ??, 202?

There is no Ethnic Dinner during the months we have a membership meeting.

While restaurant attendance requirements have been loosened, large group meetings are still not allowed nor advisable due to COVID19.

Consequently, there will be no Ethnic Dinners in the near future. Check back later to find out when our next dinner will be scheduled.

In the meantime, click the link above and give Judy your suggestions so she can line up some fantastic locations in the future.

Good food, good friends and lots of good conversation. Guests and interested non-members are welcome.

International Journeys

Host Journeys Suitcase


We have been assigned a hosting journey from Sao Paulo do Reo Preto, Brazil for fall 2021. We will be assessing this with Brazil and with Houston (their first hosting) in the September timeframe. More to follow.


All journeys for 2020 have been cancelled.

Ambassador Journeys Bon Voyage


Guadalupe Fall 2021

Keep your fingers crossed and bone up on your French. We are scheduled to journey to the exotic French Caribbean island of Guadalupe.

We have been working on this journey since we met their president at the New Orleans World Conference, and finally COVID permitting, we have connected. No cruise ship here. We will be visiting a different part of the Caribbean in the Friendship Force way. Stand by for more details, as plans develop.


BrazilTere-Rio, Brazil
October 13-18, 2020

Due to the coronavirus threat, this Journey has been canceled.

Domestic Journeys USA



PennsylvaniaHarrisburg, PA
March - April, 2021 (COVID permitting)

We have a long standing friendship with the Harrisburg club. They visited us in 2010, and we visited them in 2017. Now, after ten years, they would like to come back to see us.

Sharon Jackson will be the hosting coordinator for Harrisburg. Please contact Sharon and give her your support, by volunteering to host or be on a hosting committee.



Oregon is back on!
Willamette Valley AND Southern Oregon - Fall 2021

That's right. After months (year?) of working to make this journey happen, Linda Doyle has finally gotten this journey coordinated, with FFI, two Oregon clubs, and San Antonio, who will join us. Linda will be the Journey Coordinator for this Journey.

Since San Antonio is joining us, and hosting will be limited, if you are interested in making this journey to Oregon next year, you will need to contact Linda as soon as it is formally announced through a club eblast.


Willamette Valley

We are pursuing the possiblity of reinstating this journey in 2021.

Day JourneysTexas

BluebonnetCentral Texas 3-day Excursion
Postponed until 2021

Due to the novel corona virus, we have postponed this excursion until Spring 2021, COVID permitting. Check back early in 2021 for more details, or contact Jeri Edmunds for an update.

Join us for a 3 day, 2 night (or more at your option) excursion to Central Texas during wildflower season.
The itinerary includes

Click Here to download all of the details.

Note: Due to the postponement until 2021, the detailed itinerary may change slightly. Any changes that occur will be provided to those who have reserved a place on this excursion.

Please confirm you will be joining us by sending your check for the Cruise, Wine Tasting, and Church Tour ASAP .
Send a check for $50/person, payable to The Friendship Force of Fort Worth to the following address:

If you have an interesting place, within 150 miles, that you think our club would enjoy, contact Jeri Edmunds (682) 559-9335. We can put it on the list for 2021 or 2022.

Special ActivitiesAnimated World

2020 Super-Regional Conference
Great Lakes, Midwest and Southwest Regions Minneapolis, MN
September 18-20, 2020

Unfortunately the Super Regional Conference has become a victiom of COVID-19 and has been cancelled. The next conference will be posted here when information is available.