Quarterly Meeting Meeting

Unless otherwise noted, Quarterly Membership Meetings begin at 6:30 PM on the first Friday of March, June, September and December. The business meeting and presentations are followed by a time to socialize, with light refreshments. The December meeting is traditionally our Holiday Party and the meeting where official business and election of officers takes place. Members, guests, and interested persons are invited to attend any of our meetings. Location and details will be published in the newsletter, and provided below.

In concern for the health of all our members, the Board has decided to restrict all FFFW meeting to attendees who have been vaccinated. Please do not join our meetings until you have been fully vaccinated. Thank you.

June 3, 2022
Benbrook Public Library
1065 Mercedes St.
Benbrook, TX 76126
(click for map)

The program has not yet been set. Check here in late May.

Quarterly membership meetings are a good time to chat with old friends, get acquainted with new members and find out what is going on in the club.

Light refreshments will be served.

Guests and non-members are welcome to join us and find out more about Friendship Force, provided they have been vaccinated.

Board Meetings Gavel

Board meetings normally are held at 4:00PM on the third Sunday of each month at the Benbrook Public Library, 1065 Mercedes St., Benbrook, TX 76126, and are open to all membership. No Board meeting is scheduled for those months with a quarterly meeting. Contact an officer or Board member for information, if you wish to attend a Board meeting.

Ethnic Dinners Food!

Ethnic dinners occur monthly, on the third Friday, except during quarterly meeting months. Meeting time is 6:00 PM, unless otherwise noted. If possible, please contact Judy Williams (817) 560-9316 by Wednesday prior to the dinner, unless otherwise noted below, in order to assist in determining a reservation count.

Restaurants have come and gone during the pandemic. Do you know of a new ethnic restaurant or an old one that we haven't visited in a while? Contact Judy Williams and let her know. She would really like to have your suggestion.

Ethnic Dinner Friday, July 15, 2022

Judy is still researching that next sensational Ethnic Dinner location. Check back here later to find out where it will be.

Join us for good food, good friends and lots of good conversation. Guests and interested non-members are always welcome.

International Journeys

Host Journeys Suitcase


Our friends in Sao Paulo do Reo Preto, Brazil have decided they will not be ready to travel again in 2022.

Ambassador Journeys Bon Voyage


GuadeloupeGuadeloupe 2023 (?)

Keep your fingers crossed and bone up on your French. We are still attempting to schedule a journey to the exotic French Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe!

We have been working on this journey since we met their president at the New Orleans World Conference. While COVID has put a kink in our plans, and FFI rules may delay us still another year, Guadelupe is still anticipating hosting us at some point. We will be visiting the Caribbean in the Friendship Force way. Stand by for more details, as plans develop.

Domestic Journeys USA



PennsylvaniaHarrisburg, PA
May 18-24, 2022

We have a long standing friendship with the Harrisburg club. They visited us in 2010, and we visited them in 2017. Now, after ten years, they are coming back to see us.

Sharon Jackson is the hosting coordinator for Harrisburg. Plans are in place for a fun hosting. CLICK HERE to download a description of the planned activities. If you would like to join any of the activities contact the Activity Director for that day.



OregonOregon is back on!
Mid Willamette Valley - July 25-31, 2022

That's right. After months (year?) of working to make this journey happen, Linda Doyle has finally gotten this journey coordinated with FFI, Oregon, and San Antonio, who will join us. Linda will be the Journey Coordinator for this Journey. This journey, originally scheduled for 2020 has been postponed a second time, until 2022.

While the journey was originally intended to include two Oregon clubs, hosting and inter-club travel proved unworkable for that option. We will be journeying to the Willamette Valley, along with San Antonio, and are looking forward to a great visit to the Northwest.

Here's a taste of what the ambassadors may expect on this journey.

  • Six days and seven nights in the Willamette Valley at Albany, Oregon.
  • This Journey is now full, and no more applications are being accepted.

    Day JourneysTexas

    If you have an interesting place, within 150 miles, that you think our club would enjoy, contact Jeri Edmunds (682) 559-9335. We can put it on the list for this year or next.

    Virtual ExperiencesVideo Conferencing

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, FFI and other groups have been creating numerous interesting and entertaining opportunities for Friendship Force members to help us stay involved in international &quo;virtual&quo; cultural events. The latest Virtual Experiences are available HERE on the FFI website.

    To assist you in planning your schedule, here is a link to an easy to use time zone calculator.

    FFI also includes a time zone converter link on appropriate Virtual Experience blog entries.

    Special ActivitiesAnimated World

    GamesInternational Game Night
    Benbrook Public Library
    1065 Mercedes St.
    Benbrook, TX 76126
    (click for map)

    Due to the upsurge in COVID-19 infections, we have decided it is in everyone's interest to postpone our game night until a later date. Check back for an update on when International Game Night will be rescheduled.

    It's time for a repeat of our last very successful and entertaining International Game Night.

    Bring your favorite game with an international origin and share it with your FFFW friends. It's surprising how many "American" games come from other countries. If you want, share the history of your game. Also be prepared to explain the rules.

    We will join small groups of appropriate size and play the game the group chooses.

    Our last game night was several years ago, and everyone had a great time.

    Guests are welcome to join us.

    Contact contact Jeri Edmunds (682) 559-9335 for more information.